i have a feeling the mockingjay trailer will be released after the movie.


i dont like how some people consider lana del rey a feminist when she keeps crying over the same boy in all her songs


So, a powerful and influential group that consists of wealthy, privileged, beautiful people are withholding images of the less privileged public’s favorites, instead only giving that to those special few under specific conditions, with very advanced and novel technology. The general public who is not at a geographic or social advantage is in an outrage, practically ready to go insane to get a sight of those they love and see as symbolic.


Lionsgate was doing this kind of trailer “release” some kind of fucking performance art to simulate the situation in Mockingjay


pretty sure you’ve starved your fans enough if they get this excited for a dark low quality pic from the trailer

I wouldn’t mind working with this young girl who works in David O. Russell’s pictures, Jennifer Lawrence. I think I could probably do something with her—or she would do something with me, is really what the story would be. I would gain more than she would gain…because when you work with these wonderful actors or actresses, they give you far more than you can. I can only supply them with the part, but you hire a Cate Blanchett, and she brings the part alive. If you hire a lesser actress, the part remains written the same way, but it never gets off the ground the same way.

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Omfg please NO

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I will literally STAND in his way if he tries to get near Jen… (via lifeandotherfunnystuff)

J Law in a Woody Allen film would be me dreams coming true <3

here's why Mockingjay is a fantastic book. (unpopular opinion and book spoilers.)


i fucking love the ending of Mockingjay. i like it better than the end of the Harry Potter series, and Harry is my number one jam. but honestly, with all the shit that went down in Catching Fire and Mockingjay, the ending is a true reflection of how humans deal with shit.

all of my friends hate…



so after months of procrastinating i finally read mockingjay and i am so dissapointed in how suzanne collins wrote the end. Like…. ????? You could have gone so many emotional ways with finnick’s and prim’s deaths but no you make it fast and boring and suspensless.

you could have had an amazing…

You could have gone so many emotional ways with finnick’s and prim’s deaths but no you make it fast and boring and suspensless.”

Just like life.


The clip, which runs just over a minute, starts with a hovercraft landing in District 13. It then shifts to a discussion between Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman), Beetee (Jeffrey Wright) and District 13 President Alma Coin (Julianne Moore). She doesn’t believe Katniss Everdeen…