Some of the best trilogies I’ve ever read


Everyone just stop what you’re doing and go read the Across the Universe Trilogy. Like literally stop. And read. Now.

If you like space travel and new planets and conspiracies and mysteries and revolutions, go get the series. If you don’t, go get it anyways and you’ll end up liking it. Or you may…


I don’t know how popular these books are, but The Across The Universe trilogy is seriously fantastic.

If you haven’t read it yet, You really should.
Si-fi space travel stories are some of my all time favourite, and I think it’s hard to find really good ones for young adults. (that’s just my…

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I can’t. like I really just cannot 

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Spoiler alert ahead - if you haven't read mockingjay scroll past this


I think I know when mockingjay part 1 will end

okay, I originally thought it would be right when peeta strangles katniss right ? I think everyone thought that when they first heard the movie would be split into two parts. Well I just reread the book and I thought of something. Francis Lawrence…

I always thought it was so obvious